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Graphene composite conductive paste CFG-CN03(A)

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Graphene composite conductive paste CFG-CN03(A)

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Product introduction

CFG-CN03(A) is based on NMP as dispersion medium, natural flake graphite as raw material, and supercritical gas physical method to exfoliate graphene powder, carbon nanotubes, and superconducting carbon black. Compound, a highly pre-dispersed graphene composite conductive slurry compounded by a unique dispersion and grinding process. The use of this composite conductive agent in the LFP battery system can build an excellent conductive system, achieve the best conductive effect with the smallest amount of conductive agent, greatly reduce the amount of conductive agent, increase the energy density of the battery, and can improve the void structure and increase the pole piece Compaction density.


Technical parameters

Product model number Project Unit Quality standards
      CFG-DL03(A) Appearance of slurry / Black paste
Slurry viscosity mPa.s <3000
Pulpant fineness μm 2.6 (D50)
Conductive carbon content % 5.00±0.2
Dispersant content % 1.25±0.2
Solid content of slurry % 6.25±0.2
Trace moisture content ppm ≤1500
Magnetic substance content ppm <1
  Leachable metal impurity content Fe ppm ≤10
Co ppm ≤10
Ni ppm ≤5
Cu ppm ≤3
Zn ppm ≤3


Product features

1. It is suitable for high-capacity LFP system aluminum shell, soft pack and other lithium-ion batteries, and the recommended amount is about 1.2-1.5%.

2. Good fluidity, high dispersion, high purity and low metal content; high compaction density, low rebound, suitable for automatic pulping and mixing process.

3. It can increase the power density and energy density of lithium batteries and prolong the cycle life.


Instructions for use

It is recommended that the batching process of the conductive agent be carried out in a dry environment; in order to achieve the best performance of this product, to prevent the volatilization of the solvent or the absorption of air moisture from affecting the product quality, please be sure to seal the container quickly after taking it. The shelf life of the product in the sealed state is 180 days.


Safe use

When using this product, please wear protective equipment such as gloves, protective glasses, and protective mask. After operation, please wash your hands and face thoroughly. In case of skin (or hair) contact, please take off the contaminated clothing immediately and rinse with soap and plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes, please rinse with water for more than 15 minutes. If eye irritation persists, please consult a doctor. If swallowed by mistake, drink water and rinse your mouth immediately, and seek medical attention in time.

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