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Graphene Nano Powder CFG-D5

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Graphene Nano Powder CFG-D5

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Product introduction

This product is based on the leading graphene production technology of Jiangsu CFG Technology Co., Ltd., and is a general-purpose graphene powder with high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical properties. The product has excellent dispersion properties in a variety of polar solvents and polymer matrix materials. The product can be widely used in many fields such as new energy, new materials, energy and chemical industry, electronic information, aerospace and national defense.


Product features

  • The average thickness of graphene sheets is thin and uniform.
  • The graphene nanosheets has few structural defects, high electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity, and excellent mechanical properties.
  • It has good dispersibility in different base materials.
  • The powder has high density and does not raise dust during use.


Technical parameters

Name Project Detection data Detection method
CFG-D5 Thickness (nm) 1~5 Atomic Force Microscope
Nanosheets diameter (um) D50=10 Laser particle size
analyzer and SEM
Number of layers 1-10
(Under 5 layers >90%)
Text (%) 99.95 Charcoal burning analysis
Conductivity (S/m) 6.85x104 Conductivity meter
Preparation method Mechanical exfoliation method


Packaging, storage and transportation

Valve bag or drum packaging
Store in a ventilated and dry warehouse. Vigorous rolling or shaking of the container is forbidden; tightly sealed after opening.
During transportation, it must not be mixed with items that can deteriorate the product or damage the packaging in the same compartment (cabin).



TEM images of CFG-D5


Instructions for use

General-purpose graphene powder is a powder material, easy to absorb moisture, please strictly seal and store in a dry environment (humidity < 30%) before use, pre-drying; strictly seal after opening. It is recommended to use shearing, high-speed emulsification and dispersion equipment to improve the dispersion effect of this product in the slurry; before dispersion, please pre-soak the general-purpose graphene powder in the dispersion medium. The following is for reference only: In order to improve the dispersibility of graphene flakes, it is recommended to configure general-purpose graphene powder into a slurry with a solid content of not more than 2.0wt%. The specific dispersion process is as follows:
Step 1: Pre-soak the general-purpose graphene powder in the solvent for no less than 6 hours;
The second step: the pre-soaked graphene slurry is efficiently dispersed by stirring and dispersing and high-speed emulsification. Shearing stirring, high-speed emulsification dispersion and ultrasonic dispersion adopting linkage cycle operation mode is more conducive to the effective peeling and dispersion of graphene sheets. The specific method is that the graphene suspension is stirred, emulsified and dispersed for 30-60 minutes, and then the ultrasonic dispersion device is turned on, so that the dispersion is recycled for 45-60 minutes under the combined action of stirring, emulsifying, and ultrasonic dispersion.


Safe use

Please wear protective equipment such as gloves, protective glasses and face shields when using this product. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Please wash hands and face thoroughly after operation. In case of skin (or hair) contact, please take off the contaminated clothing immediately and rinse with soap and plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes, please rinse with water for more than 15 minutes. If eye irritation persists, please consult a doctor. If swallowed by mistake, drink water and rinse your mouth immediately, and take it promptly. Do not induce vomiting on unconscious patients.


Graphene Nano Powder
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